Sell at Doodles


Sell at Doodles

If you are a talented artisan, studio artist, designer or crafter then selling at doodles will bring out the crafterpreneur in you.

Doodles is a well established local community of artists and crafters in the Hampshire/Berkshire area. It has grown in reputation over the last nine years and offers individuals and small businesses that are selling from home, who couldn’t otherwise afford retail premises or high street presence as a dedicated platform to sell their wares.

There is so much talent all around us and so many people making original products at home, doodles offer a trading platform, as well as an online shop front and an online shop window, nationwide.

Selling at doodles couldn’t be easier. There are two options available to rent shelf space or wall space at Doodles:
Option 1: No upfront fee. 25% commission on sales, plus 2 x half days helping out at the shop based in Tadley, Hampshire.
Option 2: No upfront fee. 50% commission on sales.
Once signed up you become a part of the wonderful doodles community. As easy as that!

Email us with details of your creations, some good photos would help, and any information that you feel appropriate and we’ll be in touch to guide you through the next steps in selling at doodles.

Jackie Verney
The Narrowboat Soap Company
Joan Freestone
Mariana Castaneda Hunt
June Pemberton
Button Betty
Ann Marie Howe
Rowhill Candles
Val Carter
Michelle Moss


Meet the Artists

Hobbies: I LOVE gardening, home interiors and anything I can fiddle with! And when I’ve got time, it’s got to be a good book, and preferably with a glass of wine.
Craft: Jewellery Design. Jackie has been selling at Doodles for 7+ years and provides a variety of hand-made jewellery, creating a unique, modern and contemporary jewellery pieces with a real flair for colour and textures. Always sourcing new and exciting beads to create different looks.


Hobbies: I love photography having been a photographer for 20 years. Painting with acrylics. I enjoy cooking and attempting to learn the guitar. Love gardening and listening to music of all kinds… the weird and wonderful!
Craft: The Narrowboat Soap Company. I live on the narrowboat ‘Belisama’ and on it make soap using natural ingredients, pure essential oils with no artificial colouring or chemical preservatives.


Hobbies: I am retired and enjoy every minute of it. I like to knit and listen to Radio 4.
Craft: I sew and make children’s clothes and other homeware items.


Hobbies: I am originally from Venezuala where hand made accessories are very popular. I started to make hair accessories for my two little girls and since then I’ve discovered lots of talents that I didn’t know I had.
Craft: I produce knitting, crochet, felting and still love making accessories for all ages.


Hobbies: Anything creative and crafty for me from welding sculptures out of scrap metal and horseshoes to weaving, sewing and willow weaving. My other passion in life is horses and I both breed and show them.
Craft: I work extensively in hand built clay making all sorts from the conventional cups, bowls and plates through to animal sculptures and busts.


Hobbies: I go everywhere with my washboard in my car so that I can play it at every opportunity and I spend as much time as I can get listening to traditional jazz. You will find me at The Turner’s Arms every 4th Friday of the month.
Craft: I began making wire wrapped jewellery when I retired as something to do. I source precious stones, gems and fossils to make them a bit special and wrap them with silver and gold wire.


Hobbies: I love my two house rabbits Bunny and Shifu and they inspire me in making my crocheted animals.
Craft: ‘Button Betty’ I make and sell jewellery, personalised greetings cards, painted china and crocheted collectables.


Hobbies: I am an ambassador for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham, a Prince’s Trust mentor and a volunteer with ‘BikeStart’ that refurbishes donated bikes which are then sold to support a young people’s charity ‘The Source’.
Craft: ‘Rowhill Candles’ started as a hobby for retirement but has developed in to selling candles at Doodles and this includes over twenty fragrances along with candles in tea cups and reed diffusers. My house always smells amazing!

Hobbies: I enjoy travelling far and wide….especially travelling on the continent with our TR sports car… France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain… it’s 40 years old and still speedy. I keep myself fit and active with swimming and line dancing…. and can’t resist a bit of jazz.
Craft: I create (hopefully) diverse textiles which I paint… stitch and design myself. I also enjoy painting on glass or ceramics. Belonging to the Doodles team gives me a chance to enjoy this creativity…


Hobbies: I have many interests that include baking, gardening and ballroom dancing. I love reading science fiction novels and going to the cinema.
Craft: I have a varied making practice such as embroidered applique cushions, framed textile work, devore velvet scarves and media cases. I also create vibrant paintings and make men’s jewellery.